Ivar Sigurbergsson - Happening now

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Published on 2016-05-20 17:33:42.234950
Album Ivar Sigurbergsson
Genre Rock
Released 2016
Happening now by Ivar Sigurbergsson
Ringtones sounding in the air newsfeeds flowing everywhere drivers not paying any attention off somewhere in another dimension lovers will fight but they don't know why when the clouds converge across the sky too many mouths and not enough ears the inspiration all but disappears chorus: Happening now is your modern life so grab hold and try to hang on happening now is everything at once don't blink or else it'll all be gone You leave the house hanging by a thread with somebody's voice stuck to your head you better enjoy while you've got the time cause before you know it, you're past your prime
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Ivar, a musician and songwriter, has been a member of several bands but works independently today. About Ivar: He was born in Iceland on a small volcanic island in the year when the Beatles released their first album. When he was ten years old, he and his family moved to escape the volcanic