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#hashtags prod. VibeTribeBeatz by Eazy-80


Published Jan. 20, 2020
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Album: Above World
released: 2020
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'#hashtags' is a song recorded by Albanian rapper Eazy-80 featuring the instrumental beat from VibeTribeBeatz as the composer. Released as a single in 20.01.2020, prior to the upcoming album release 'Above World'


Yeah am living life
Need a second one
Got so many things i do before i hit the ground
I don't give a fuck man
I don't give a fuck man
I don't give a fuck

Verse 1

Never gave a fuck, never gonna give
Stir my Mojito and we bout to chill
You brought her friends too, yeah big deal
I see her from the back, just like Kim
Miss Kardashian
Couldn't get nowhere, i got the tracker on my leg
Fore you wanna talk, stuck it in your head
I inhale different , Than exhale different
Serve time different
Go to hell different , Been to court different
Been in jail different
Fuck a bitch different
Think I need a refresh
While you've been concerned about the hashtag
Me i got a 12 pack full of hashtags
cash rain making man
Am the one who always in the front
Means I always seen you in the back dash
I just been concerned about to many details
Now am living life, on every key frame

Verse 2

Bonnie and Clyde, real name Clyde
Shortie play Bonnie, me am Clyde
Bonnie which one,
Shortie pick a number, cuz i forget the names
I got so many Bunnies and they look the same
Pretty on the face, tight on the waist
I got so many Bonnies
3 for myself 3 for my homie
3 to go straight, 3 to use condom
Show me you're a queen, we fly to big London
Tell me you're a freak, we go to Hong Kong
Twerk dat Bando and we fly to
Africa, Kongo
1 2 3 4 5 in a week
Tell me you a freak we put you on the motherfuking wait list
It's a long line waiting list
But it's worth line waiting list
Since you are a freak one, wait 

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Albums / Discography

Above World

by Eazy-80 released 2020
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