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Jonathan Burkett - I Can Only Be Me

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Published on 2015-08-13 18:54:59
Album Born To make It
Genre Hip-Hop/Rap
Released 2015

Jonathan Burkett I Can Only Be Me Feat. Kristin Nicole & Kiarrah Guerra (Verse 1) I can only be me, not thee As far as the eyes can see (As The eyes can see) When I look at myself in the mirror It’s so hard to trust the man i’ma be (Trust the man i'ma be) Been here, there, the whole wide world There's so much endless possibilities (Endless possibilities) Don't ever judge me Just living my life I just wanna be me (I just wanna be me) Where i’m from, air force, dickies set, black hats That's uh shopping spree (that's my shopping spree) No matter what you call me, If you don't want me I’ma be me (Pre-Hook) I’ma be me Cause there’s no going back Not changing my ways I’ll be same that I was yesterday No matter the things they say No matter the things they say (Hook) I can only be me And there's no changing for me Love who I'm destined to be finally I can only be me Because I know I'm free That's who you made me to be I can see I can only be me (Verse 2) I can be me With no hate lust or envy Just uh man with love for philosophy With uh pen and uh pad my identity Leave my mark on the world like socorties Invent my own jet like the Japanese Got the whole world singing in harmony Like I’ma fresh relief like antihistamines Ima mystery uh documentary Going down in the books of history Just to hear my voice is a victory Go ahead and be you I’ma be me Pre-hook 1x Hook1x (Verse 3) Every now and then when I feel the doubt I look inside myself and I see the way The whole world full of possibilities So you could be you and I could be me (Bridge) I can be, Anything I want to be Change may come, In a special way I’ma be, I’ma be Life my life a better way I’ma be me, I’ma be me Hook 1x
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