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I Raise A Stink

by Tone Deaf Poet(AKA John Tzikas) on album Let It Rip
released 2019-06-29 01:56:00

2019-06-28 18:00:31.570593

Tone Deaf Poet productions 2019

F Major 6/4 100BPM



I Raise A Stink




Lord forgive the teacher


Teaching to the test


The working stiff cursing


The one percent


lord forgive


The preacher who can't


Clean his own holy mess




Why must I speak


Before I think


Stare too long


Without a single blink


When I stop to smell the roses


I raise a stink




Hate was a way of life


Not just a hollow feeling


You got off your chest


You couldn't kill


The evil spirit


With the look of death




Time heal the father who


Comes home pissed


The mom who expects


Men to buy her gifts


Time heal the child


With the love they missed




Judge not


How little money we save


The foolish and the brave


Judge not


The small sacrifices


We normals crave


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