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inspiration by Hot Box


Published Nov. 5, 2019
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Album: Weight Distribution
released: 2019
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A tribute to Westcoast culture.



Ice Cube was a favorite; I knew the culture, the language

These men you call old back then wasn't nobody you wanted to play with

Socked up, put on; nowadays they call it hazing

Funny what you get away with now, like real is on vacation

I'm in a different situation, my location Western Civilization

Car reach elevation, hydraulic switch navigation

My marijuana recreation, I know my eyes dilated

I got at a Lyft account, I ain't in violation

I pay homage to my OG’s, D.R.E., Eazy E, Ren too

Egyptian Lover, Toddy Tee & Spade, Mix Master Ken, too

King Kendrick hats off, Young Giantz hats off

Even Game still be taking off, and Snoop D-O-double is still a boss

Intercontinental Downtown, 69th floor looking down on the city

I am LA history too, I'm a Vet and a mystery too

But I really don't mind it, less people in my business I don't need no memes in my imagery

I'm a step away from penitentiary status


No Joke

I keep it hunnit spokes nigga


The older homies used to school me, Old E run thru me

I'm addicted to this Western living, oldies singin to me

Drop the top on a ‘58, pipes rumble on a Harley

Blowing one for my Great Greats, my kin folk and Bob Marley

I'm influenced by the music, Marvin Gaye sang me thru it

Back when he was on Gramercy, I was a elementary student

Emil’s dad played bass for Lakeside, me and my Momma lived downstairs

They would bang loud some nights, me and Mom didn't even care

Down the street from the Coliseum, Funk Festival, Watts Stax

Look in the sky, I could see the blimp, while I listen to the feedback

Rabbits foot was the key chain, fresh in my corduroy kicks mane

39th was the street name, took it all the way to Biscayne

Dade County dig that, 3RE Tha Hardaway dig that

The Dirty South gave BOX love, more than I could ever giving back

Peace to my fam in Plaquemine, Louisiana where it's happening

But I'm inspired by another culture, South Central Los Angeles

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Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, Westcoast

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