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It'll Work Itself Out Fine

by Tone Deaf Poet on album My Clear Conscience
released 2018-09-20 22:33:00

2018-09-20 14:38:58.827385



It’ll Work Itself Out Fine




You can have everything that makes the sweetest


Sound, just hear me now, you can have the best


Around, the best in town, but I promise


You won’t get lost in places so much real love abounds




Stop stressing that beautiful mind


Leave the burden of proof to me


I’ll get rid of the seeds of doubt


Watch you spring to life, I assure


You It’ll work itself out fine


It’ll work itself out fine




Don’t you remember the days


Of do or die, how we got


Tipsy from the smell of wine


Deep inside we always knew


It’ll work itself out fine


It’ll work itself out fine




Why do you stay so strong


Every day I get it wrong


Seems like I don’t belong


Not even at home


Sometimes trust is a fickle thing


If you’re ever in a dilly


Of A pickle give me a ring




Getting an earful is better


Than speaking into a howling


Wind, I may not answer all


Your questions right away


But all the love you’s


A heart can withstand


I will send in your direction


This in not the frontier of disaffection


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