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Linkup_Lens_Brandon - Jeje

Published July 24, 2020
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Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Album: Greatest start up hits
released: 2020

Enjoy life on a low



Say Brandon man here and lens now

(As a street boy I just dey do my things my way

Because I know one day my maga gan go pay)×2


(mó má  mi Jaye mi jayè mi jeje 

MoMA Jaye mi jayè mi Jaye mi ske ske oo)×2


I be brandon 

I shud be landing

All guys Dem know I shud be trending

If u come we go show u our workings

That format wey dey pay we get the logins

We get the logins

We no dey wyn ni

we no dey wyn ni 

No be too much money

 make Dem dey find me

Dem dey find me

You know we just dey try ni

It's just the training

Shout out to my Manny

drane Joseph 

wey bin dey give me hope say me I too set

No be lie ee, no be lie ee

but na money put us on the right things

On the right things

Brandon like me 

I just dey shine ni

we get the money 

Cos we've been pressing

We've been hustling

So we've been cashing

We no dey wyn you d same way you dey wyn me,   cos na Vinson wey no to dey to sing 

Shey you dey listen

Me no to dey to sing

Brāndõn be rapping

We be rapping

(As a street boy I just dey do my things my way

Because I know one day my maga gan go pay

E go pay e go pay)*2


ske ske li o


say say

Linkup build up e 

me na turn up e 

me dey pray for grace


make the maga pay 

freestyling e

dey ma hear from me e 

FMG (future money gang)

say say

Bam coolice e 

me na Linkup e

we dey freestyling highgrade

dey ma Know dey ma Know 

dey ma hear from me e

for the music industry

dey go know say

we sef dey 

ganja man e.  e.e

dey ma hear from me e

Brandon dey say lens man dey 

all my niggas sef dey 

we dey pray for grace 

say ayakataya king of Jehovah

I never retire 

just like timaya

days of a tire

I just dey pray for grace make the maga pay

make the maga pay


Wine for me baby come shake body oya do that thing way dey make man craze abi ganja Farmer you self no that shit here I say wine for me baby come shake idie oya do that thing way dey make craze I be ganja Farmer you self no that shit here 


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Total comments 4
Davis658 Aug. 18, 2020
I love I love
Tessy655 Aug. 18, 2020
Great hit shocking fanbase on audiomack quick search "linkup jeje" favorite ever since
Lens2020 July 25, 2020
Ever green
Linkup July 24, 2020
Good music 💯
#Jaiya #jeje #chop_life_on_a_low #linkup #lens #brandon

Albums / Discography

Greatest start up hits Upload Your Music Free

Greatest start up hits

by Linkup_Lens_Brandon released 2020

July 24, 2020


Enjoy life on a low

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