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AnastasiA - Jewels For My Crown

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Published on 2017-03-06 06:09:26.631280
Album Penny Silence

Released 2017

Everyone has heard that old story Streets of gold and visions of glory They say it's a matter of time Till they reach that sweet bye and bye I don't know how that's going to be Maybe like a wonderful dream And I don't know if that's all it means If you won't be going there with me But I don't need more jewels for my crown I don't need more gold for my footsteps I don't need more jewels for my crown I just want to know you'll be with me Everyone can talk of the feasting Happiness and joy without ceasing But I don't know that I want to go If I have to go there alone Why should I want crowns full of diamonds If I have to leave you behind me It may look like I'm kind of crazy But everything won't be so amazing Go with me Go with me Won't you come and go with me To the place where it will be Everything that it should be
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