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Success Light - KNOW YOU MORE

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Published on 2018-09-11 23:56:53.652511
Album Know you more
Genre Devotional
Released 2018

Hello FAM its the beginning of New things The long awaited song KNOW YOU MORE by success light is out.this song was born out of a burning desire to know more of God. I believe this song is going to restore many people back to God.pls watch the song on YouTube,download also from praiseworld radio and don't forget to subscribe to my you tube channel and share my video. I want us to work together in spreading this song across the globe,thanks. #lightishere #iamlight #successlight




Know you more I want to know you more x4 


Knowing you is my glory Knowing you is my lifting Knowing you my justification 


Knowing you is my redemption Knowing you is my strength Knowing you my salvation


Knowing you my sanctification Knowing you is my resurrection 


I wanna know you Know you Know you more and more 


I wanna know you Jesus I want to know you more. 


I wanna love you Love you Love you more and more I wanna love you more and more 


I wanna love you Jesus I want to love you more I wanna worship, 


worship Worship more and more I wanna worship Jesus 


I want to worship you I wanna praise you, praise you Praise you more and more 


I wanna praise you, Jesus I want to praise you more 


I wanna rababah, rababah Rababah more and more 

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iLaughiCryiDie 2018-09-14 18:19:05.766029
a good song