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Konstantinos Dilzas - Konstantinos Dilzas Vs ATB | Petra & Efhi Till I Come | Mykonos Remix

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Published on 2018-09-01 20:14:47.229550
Album -
Genre Dance
Released 2018


Ores, stigmes ke anases meres metrouse i zoi olata idia, ola pliktika fos den tolmouse na mpei anthropoi gyro figoures gia mena oloi mavra kormia tis monaxias ola idanika moni gernouse i psihi ospou mia kyriaki fota ke mousiki xafnika ola alaxan glika me ena hero poli petra piso varia erixamesa sti monaxia mes ta matia sou oli i zoi onira ke kormi petra rihno ki efhi na skorpisoume ego ki esy tis agapis kommatia vathia na kilame mazi oli i gi ego ki esy Life passes me by, as it counts down the days, the hours... moments and breaths... and light dares not penetrate where everything's the same and so painfully dull. People around me like shadows lifeless bodies.. blank masks.. ideal food for my loneliness as my soul ages alone. Until suddenly one Sunday lights and music... and everything changes with a"How do you do!" I rock the boat and take a dive out of my loneliness. In your eyes I see all of my life... fulfilment of dreams and desires. I rock the boat and make a wish for our love's deepest pieces to endure as we travel together... All the world, you and me...

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