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Latch Onto Me(I Am Different)

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Forbidden Country
released 2018-09-08 00:19:00

2018-09-07 16:24:41.608621



Latch Onto Me(I Am Different)




Latch onto me, caress every contour,  


feel each complexity, latch onto me,


relive the intensity, give in to the certainty,




social conventions are changing one minute to the next,


let me mention the specs, there's only two people I can be,


the man who is good to everyone, and the man who claims


 no damages after its all said and done,




 I am different, some would call it ignorant,


 I am different some would call it oblivious,


isn't obvious, I'm not your average gent


I am different, not heaven sent, I  dont


speak that ancient dialect,




 I am different, emit a sweeter odour,  


than most sweaty lotharios that roam the


 city, now here is the nitty and the gritty,


The gist of my scenario




 watch the guys parading without shirts,


 modelling their self-worth, the hopeless flirts


 and the bum who can't get a date ,even if


 he was the last man on earth,




Latch onto me , make the connection


tell me the tall medium short, the thick and thin,


The secret to avoiding another beautiful rejection,




 hey my fragile ego needs a little boosting here


don't you know,  sometimes your own racket is


deafening, you can't walk away without pulling the pin


 just don't let the real victims see that satisfied grin


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