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Lazy Saturday

by John Tzikas on album Lazy Saturday
released 2018-12-16 23:56:00
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New Song Written December 16, 2018



Lazy Saturday




Here’s  a soundbite from a lazy Saturday


you see all kinds of pretty faces
in the nastiest places
they're making great escapes
in the narrowest spaces
listen to the voice inside
your head and walk away
before your good will
and lust for life tapers


give yourself the once over
are you socially presentable
have you got your confidential papers 
in order ,what if you can clap to three
and land on your feet in a world
without borders


try to blend in with all the crazies
spend your lazy Saturday
smelling the daisies
if all the happiness
was there for the taking
would you still expect
please and thank you
for the trails you’re blazing


dangerous people start fires
you can’t douse
talk nonsense they
know nothing about
their strange curiosity
you can do


by the age of 12 I was asked
name one thing you’d like to
change I said carelessly
let freedom reign
the eavesdropping neighbour
told me son that’s a little too
Deep for a lazy Saturday




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