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Live For Today

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Razzle Dazzle
released 2018-10-27 17:12:00
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2018-10-27 09:19:04.483665

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Live For Today




Never mind what I think


Just live for today


Be your best self ever


Until the end


Of all creation,


Live For today


You’re not here for the duration




Forget What I say


Live  for today


Deny the thorns of  persuasion


Rejoice rejoice rejoice


Can you feel the elation?




Own your lofty perches


Dodging stones together




Kind words they hurl


And still you settle


For the finest of pearls




Live for today


No matter the occasion


Rejoice rejoice rerejoice


Do you admire such dedication




Brothers under the same


Flag peace to the nation


Of nations, sisters on the move


Rising with moons of Jupite


Its a new day to  celebrate


The better angels in you




Stuff the contribution boxes


With parting shots of wisdom


Of  self-vindication


These is the time for


Wild revelation




Rejoice rejoice rejoice


What’s with


The hesitation


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