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Lonely Lonely

by Fanos ft Tbless on album Love no limit
released 9/7/2019

2019-07-09 10:43:35.147067


Rap vrs1 ,

Onemore time am wakeing up my true life nobody wanna hear me again somany girls in the houz keep on forming teleform yeaah ,I don't even care to know who's gonna be I'm trying to make myself a Kingdone..life is so good anyhow we could living ,we could make a best ,calm down girl she's keep on forming ,she got nothing to show proving nobody ,this life is not gonna take it easy am gonna try my best to.make it easy ,when she looking back back nobody calling I keep on moving aah ,calm down she keep on forming you got no shien pal ogbeni wat z wrong with you av been a long in the game you don't wanna hear me .what's everyday night she keep on calling coz she wanna leave me alone...



Lonely Lonely Lonely you got nobody you come dey form lauah lauah ,she's killing my emotion life yeahhhh ,



This life never gonna be thesammmmmme.this life never made thesammmmme


Lonely Lonely Lonely you got nobody you come dey form lauah lauah she killing my emotion life yeahhh ,



This life never gonna be thesammmme aanh

This life never made thesammme aanh

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