Rex Razor - Look at me NOW

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Published on 2016-09-15 07:39:02.010160
Album Ground Zero
Genre Hip-Hop/Rap
Released 2016-00-00

Look at me now by Rex Razor





You think God is good?

Join us, and I'll reveal to you so many secrets!


RAP1: Rex Razor

I was young 'n dumb

Ma pride on ma neck I hung

Didn’t care 'bout right or wrong

Ma heart felt numb

Like an infant stampede in scrum

A bit unease, poppa’s dead ‘n gone

Homie brought some weed

Yeah we up tha hills

Later hang with’m gurlz ‘n make’m feel like pearls

Getn’ drunk every night

Always in a fight

Getn’ wasted everyday

I hardly ever prayed

Thought ma heart was strong, later confused ‘bout where I belong

Ma mind dark like a sad song

They hidin’ in tha dark hopin’ I don’t make it

These snakes ‘n these greedy witches busy diggin’ ditches

Be careful with ya frnds, be thankful for ya family

Watch ya back against those who know ya dream

Coz ma best Gee set me up u see

Lucky 4me God came ‘n showed me tha way



Take a look at me now

Whatchu gon’do now (2x)


RAP2: Rex Razor

Momma left poppa knowin’ she was heavy

2 months later guess who pop’d out lookin’ weary

Who sent me to this cold world

I’m tryna’ figure why I’m here

They brought me to this cold world

Nobody’s good down here

The soul dealer came knockin’

I thought he was jokin’

Ma Homie stood watching, tellin’ me to say yes- ha ha

I prayed to God thinkin’ He won’t bother

They went runnin’ like chicken in tha midst o’thunder

Death came knockn’ just tha other day

Found maself in a place I’d rather stay- yeah

Had to turn away from tha life I lived

Fight tha demons within till I got relieved

Worship places getn’ burnt

Our schoolz up in flames

Lil’kids got gunz

Now, who is it to blame

Women getn’ raped in tha midst of war

Blood on tha playground

Tell me where’s tha luv



Take a look at us now

What’re we gon’ do now (2x)




RAP3: Rex Razor

What we need is God 2 lead us

Coz tha world seems dark

Can’t depend on our leaders

None can build no ark

They teaching us to hate

Time to rush to heaven’s gate

Instead of bread on our plate

They feedn’ us hate

They say divide ‘n rule

Well, I say that ain’t cool

See- time for change is due

Unity is tha clue

Rattattattaaa- sounds of gunz in tha streets

Another one killed, momma’s heart left to bleed

If peace is all we need, how do we set tha captives free

If war takes tha lead, what kind of people we’ll be

Giv’ peace a chance, so tha children can dance

We all stuck in a trance, as they unravel their plans

We’re drownin’ in



All we need is a hug not be treated like bugs



All we need is a hug not be treated like dogs


Seek tha truth

Stick to tha light

They’ll come to ya with all tha lies just to take a bite at yo soul

Not all that glitters is gold Homie

If I can make this far, you can reach the stars

You’ve gotta believe in yaself


Rex Razor

Copyright-2016 Rex Razor

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