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by Isi on album Prod by MEbreezY 09013369633
released 2019
Christian & Gospel

2019-06-06 16:58:02.451100

experience the love of God causing you to do more for him


LOVE by isi


Your love, teaches me to love

Your kindness is formed in me

I'm made to do good

I'm made for good

I ll shine this light

This light this light in me 2xe. 



As I love,                         

let healing flow         

from my lips and hands.                    

and as I live,                 

lord let your kingdom     

be revealed on the earth

Let all that I do,           

bring glory to your name, 

cos I live for you,          

cos I live for you          

(I'm alive to you),           

you started it,            

when you chose       

to live in me

As long I live,                     

I will make you known (2xe)



Cos I was made for this

I m made for this

I make Christ known.     



as I love,                           

let healing flow                     

from my lips and hands   

as I live,                                  

let your kingdom.                  

be revealed on the earth

let all that I do.                       

bring glory to your name

Cos I leave for you        

I'm alive to you                   

you started it                            

when you chose to live in me                                        As long as I live                   

I will make you know           


your love is over whelming                      

your love is kind 

Your love is patient.

So I'll make you known (2xe)

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