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Lovers Of The World

by John Tzikas on album Lovers Of The World
released 2019
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Lovers of the World




You create around others who negate


Lovers of the world unite against all


Who try to separate, I may look like


Ive lived the good life but they who


Know me well say its no piece of cake


Put a cherry on top and take a break




Lovers of the world are unique


They seek prophets who aren’t


Plastic or fake, lovers of the world


Are chic, they carry sows purses


For your very curiosity to pique


Lovers of world eat their weak




I saw you in a crowded room


With admirers who sealed your


Doom, I said to myself I had to


Sweep you of your feet, take


You away from all in life that


Causes gloom, zoom zoom zoom




In the wink of an eye you were


One with all the lovers in the


World, your beating heart went


Kaboom Kaboom Kaboom, I came


To your house for coffee, you gave


Me the grand tour of roses in bloom




We burned the bed that day


With all the fiery love we made


Lovers of the world always always


Get a passing grade and the loneliness


That you wallowed in faded


Lovers of the world unite against all who try


To separate


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