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Love's Darkest Hour

by John Tzikas on album Gentle Night
released 2018-12-07 00:56:00
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2018-12-06 17:02:01.876185

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Love’s Darkest Hour




What if time wasn’t


on our side


and nothing went as planned


would you still be


content with how little you understand




Everyday I remind myself


man don’t sweat it


trouble comes in waves


only when we let it


we gave everything we


had don’t you forget it




No reason to retreat


no reason to


look dejected in defeat


in loves darkest hour


the soured expressions


on their faces


are urging us to sweeten




Get busy


empowering the people


who have slipped through


The cracks, building cities


Of gold, shiny examples


To behold for hearts that lack




Fumblers and bumblers


folksy mumblers


said it better


without repeated failure


there can be no success


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