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Published Oct. 5, 2019
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Genre: World
Album: Maximize Master 320 MP3
released: 2019
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Louinel Jean A.K.A the Maximizer featuring Amanda Carter A.K.A 330

This is to inspire those who face difficulty and can't see the way forward. Life is worth living. Maximize!


Maximize your potential 

It is your only capital

Recognize your strength inside

The great insights that Jah Provides


How could you stop believing 

that life is worth living

stay focus let us discuss 

meaningful means to give life spice

There is is no reason fight

no reason to war, no reason to kill

you can believe

 life can be so much better



They say Good better best 

Never let it rest

Till your good is even better

And your better is your best

That's a best they upset 

Cause they see it as a threat

When I push it to the max

But they ain't see nothing yet

I've got 365 before you bat your eyes

I 'll maximize that

I am trying to actualize what I feel inside You cant rationalize that  

My potential is unlimited  limitless

Look how how I envisioned it

I can see myself at the ending 

Before I finish it

This message is essential 

For you to be instrumental

That's my style It's inspirational

Governmental truly vocal

Though the world is going bad

Situations get us so sad

We don't need to get so mad

That we can't even build a squad

To build a life of great reward

With the blessings that Jah provides












Total comments 10 Oct. 20, 2019 Oct. 20, 2019
Audio.Intrusion Oct. 7, 2019
Great message!
Desirr Synthia Oct. 6, 2019
Desirr Synthia Oct. 6, 2019
Rose Carmen Rigaud Oct. 6, 2019
Rose Carmen Rigaud Oct. 6, 2019
There is no better style of music than show tunes. It's objective fact and it’s not worth trying to argue with me on
Rose Carmen Rigaud Oct. 6, 2019
pfito13 Oct. 6, 2019
Number one songs for 2019 lollll

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Maximize Master 320 MP3 Upload Your Music Free

Maximize Master 320 MP3

by released 2019
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