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Shawn Adam Williams - Miss High Roller

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Published on 2018-09-24 02:45:07.581904
Album Miss High Roller (Single)
Genre Blues
Released 2018


Miss High Roller

Written by Shawn Adam Williams




There was a showgirl from Vegas

Her casino smile is so vivacious

She knows how to strut her stuff

That sweet lady can't get enough

Her red velvet dress and high heeled shoes

And yes, she really sings the blues

Here she comes

It's Miss High Roller




She got a 1958 Oldsmobile

She was a winner and she's ready to deal

All she really wants is a fine looking man

That's the one she really understand

Here she comes

It's Miss High Roller




She's fallin’ in love with the man she love

They fit together like a hand in glove

Lord knows she's ready to rock this world

Miss High Roller is a red hot girl




Her body rollin' like a roulette wheel

Her sexy style are looks to kill

And when the party's over, she's ready to ride

Fellas, you better run, but you cannot hide

Here she comes

It's Miss High Roller


© 2018 - Shawn Adam Williams

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