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Modern World

by Tone Deaf Poet on album My Clear Conscience
released 2018-09-21 23:57:00

2018-09-21 16:04:32.357111







I peer out at the modern world


Observing everything that it demands,


There is more than enough sadness to fill our voids


Too much for so few, once psychological warfare is deployed




Who are the lonely ones?


They’re clawing and kicking,


Do they have a safe place to go?


In between the carnage and decay


I stand on the ledge


To collect my thoughts


About the modern world we know




The clouds are my senses in the modern world,


I sip my morning coffee as the urban sprawl grows


Out of control, I wait for my horoscope to predict


The absurdity of it all




Can’t decide whether I hate such darkness


The wanderers complain about tears


Freezing in the dankness, there’s nothing


But aimless strolling to make us happy in the modern world


Nobody has time for drunken bowling




There is nothing but concrete and faces of stone


However due to popular opinion we are all fragile,


Here in the modern world.


Homicidal elation won’t leave your brain alone


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