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Money by Certified billz on album Billz
released 2019

2019-07-20 09:27:42.241099


a song written by an artist called Emmy stage name certified billz


(1st verse)

You know that we had it rough 

we always husstled from the getto and damn it was hard but now am on another level

hurting and burning and then we was worry that we was not gonna be good enough

the gaming was calling but then we was running not knowing that we gon be in this shore

even tho we was doubting  our future was timing and I gotta say we had it vigorously

little nigga wanted to be a billionaire

looking for who to put him in the industry

always knew that I had it all inside 

the trip was hard cause the money wasn't coming

but I fucking knew that I always had something

damn hard it was not funny

bad times but I was cash worthy

I was stressed out

but I never stopped balling


some people did sleep on me

but i kept on like I never had worries


I always fucking want Dallas

but it never came not even a damn Nairas

mama always told me to aim higher

with faith my futer gon stay brighter

always had to check me

I knew I gat it

was a street fighter

rap shit tried to call

I guess I had it 99 times

now they thought they were fucking with boys

tried to gun

but I'm cat I had 9 lives

we all gat our favorite dream

I guess we all did have a wish list

Men I never had problems with kids

to the extent niggas tried to be me

some mother fuckers never loved us

some punk ass never cared

some other suckers tried to drop us

but my bouji ass never feard

u know that God always got us

and u know we never had to plead

the street was always full of gun shots

yeah my nigga u know what it is


I just wanna make money

money that can buy time

money clean and not bloody

we wan be on the dollar sign

we ain't tryna be lucky

cause we know what we gat

we ain't gat no problem

we just working out here 

try make mama proud.×2

(2nd verse)

ma hustle cards never checked yo

but my cards always got crowns

mama prayers never failed tho

and my minds weren't filled with doubts

I always felt sentimental

cause my pockets weren't alive

rich fuckers never had manners

treat us out like we were trash wow

nigga filled with sad and fucking acrimony

damn I had nothing  was so full of make over

I had no shi mhn not even a property

shi wasn't comfortable we had to lay lower 

this rappers out here tryna make something out of it 

they have no strategy we bout to take over

fuck u to those mother fuckers we're doubting me 

look how am grinding it

men am one step older

lemme tell u bout this shit how it goes

lemme tell how did it

a lot of niggas gonna sleep on this tho 

all u gotta do is believe

it's all about how you struggle

and all about how u willing

you just gotta do men what u gotta do

at the end men u gonna be winning

u know we all gat our days men

u know we all got our season

u gotta wait till is your time when your star light gon shine never rush every minute

never let em know what u plan to do

never let em know you thinking

the Hussle card ain't for everyone

not everybody gonna make it

(2nd Hook)

I just wanna make money

money that can buy time

money clean and not bloody

we wan be on the dollar sign

we ain't tryna be lucky

cause we know what we gat

we ain't gat no problem

we just working out here 

try make mama proud.×2

(3rd verse

ma mama told me to put up the struggle on full effect am gon be better

if others can make it men u can too u gotta trust the process God is greater

with hard work and  confident u can be anything all u gotta do is wake up and try to be winning no matter the circumstance don't let it way you down

they make you stronger

you can chose to say i don't wanna be

u can tell them you are different

u can choose to bring  the best out of it

cause some problems can't solve if you ain't there so don't be a nigga who future be wasted that Shi disappointing u gon feel with regrets

always learn to focused to what u attached to don't let shit entize u gonna be distant (from the paper 

Thats how we do it



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