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Money by Purgesis


Published Jan. 6, 2020
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Genre: Pop
Album: Purg to the top
released: 2020
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Intro: yo, yoyoyo

Oooo yh yh o yh purg, dhilaman.

Mama always tell me to work harder

So that I can earn much money o yh yh

I always kept this in my mind so all I need is money am hustling for making money 3

Oluwa mk u come my way

Inglesia I always dey ibi u wet I waiting but everything I get be fake .

Oooooooo I wanna earn much money e

Oooooooooo I wanna gain much money 3 

Oooooooooo lord I want bless me 3 .

Oooooooooo lord I wanna make much money 3.

Lord am always in pain.

Make u agitate my life sometimes people think I be craze lord it has been a long time.

I don't wanna be in shame o I want u do me a favour I wanna get much money lord so that I can pay all my due oo  yh oh Nana eei3

God I want more money lord I need much money oooooooooo I wanna gain much money 3 ooooooo I wanna earn much money 3 oooooio lord I want u bless me e oooooooooo Fada lord make u bless me 3 money me I search everyday and night mommy told me my son never die poor kaa weebi abonpoor make it no be ur downfall since then and am working harder just in money money like a honey so daddy make u pour on ur blessing make I fulfill the dream of my mada

Oooooooooo I wanna gain much money 3 

Oooooooooo I wanna earn much money 3 

Oooooooooo lord I want u bless me 3 

Oooooooooo Fada lord make you bless me 3


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benjaminoduro58 Jan. 7, 2020
benjaminoduro58 Jan. 7, 2020

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