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The Chosen Spirit - Morning Sun

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Published on 2016-01-01 23:45:10
Album The Chosen Spirit
Genre Rock
Released 2015
A classic slice of rock taken from the first Chosen Spirit LP, Morning Sun combines elements of uplifting melodies / classic rock moments and a few great such its a great track to introduce you to The Chosen Spirit. We are the sum of our influences...rock /indie / blues / soul / classical / jazz / gospel are all in the LP mix somewhere but it manages to stay coherent...the right side of pretentious!! Please enjoy responsibly!!
She soared just like an eagle With grace, and style, and poise She soared just like an eagle With grace and style and poise She came to the Morning Sun, alive...x2 So let your spirit soar let your spirit soar She came to the Morning Sun, alive...x2 Saw your soul And it looks so good to me With eyes of fire Desire to be free x4
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