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Natalie Jean - Mother Earth

Published March 13, 2020
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Album: Where Do We Go From Here?

This song is about climate change and how we have hurt Mother Earth. We need to make a change.


We let it happen from the start

The world is slowly falling apart (show the world falling apart

There are those that don’t

But if they’d open their eyes to see

litter all over the streets

pollution in our oceans

Mother Earth is broken

Temperatures are rising

Mother earth is dying

Animals are losing the fight

Who will help them see the light

Our world is on Fire

The situation is dire

Mother Earth is crying, she’s crying, she’s crying

Glaciers are melting

Our world is drowning

Tornadoes are spiraling out of control

Some people don’t have a place to call home

How will we breathe

With the falling trees

Hate is on the rise

Will all of this lead to our demise


But it’s Black Friday

you’d rather fight for the flat screen tv

Ask yourself

What will you have left to hang it on


Mother Earth, she’s dying, she’s dying

She’s crying out for you, Mother Earth she’s dying, she’s dying


She’s crying out for you

She’s crying out for you

She’s crying out for you

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