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Move It

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Loosely Speaking
released 2018-11-03 22:31:00

2018-11-03 14:36:30.507706





Move It




In every room of every


house, there’s a  quiet buzz


A murmur, enchanting hums


You can’t turn off




Move it , until we’re one


With the rhythm,


Move it until the groove


And I hit the sky, move it


A button pushers work is never done




On all the streets and all the towns


Look at the crazy-making now


How do you stop a sinking feeling


After a  welcome has worn out


Move it, if you know


What the vast majority finds appealing




In much frequented places


Come hither lines and suds


Would flow, men of letters


Got lucky ever so often


Saying hey sexy lady


If I could rearrange the alphabet


I’d put U and I together




Stranger things have happened


Move it, better days are


Ahead , move it


Where familiar faces are


Letting loose, and relative unknowns


Want assurance it’s safe


To revive the socially dead


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