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My Clear Conscience

by Tone Deaf Poet on album My Clear Conscience
released 2018-09-19 23:34:00
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My Clear Conscience(Still Pushing On)




still pushing on before I shove right off. still pushing on while others back down, picked myself up not a moment too soon still pushing on


When I get impugned




Yes I want a sense of community. the keys to the city


 as a young channel surfer dude. I was glued to the set


anticipating the nudity, now they fuss over


 Me  like some  hot commodity




 still pushing on even though


But  a bit of an oddity,


 still pushing on where


the applause ends abruptly,




Didn’t expect everyone to bow to my


Every wish if you cant swallow what


I’m feeding you. stay out of my kitchen


 my clear conscience is angry and delicious, my


 clear conscience is hungry and pernicious




 i can tell you why i was in such a bad way


 because  maybe i started life as blank slate


but i  filled it quickly with obscenity laced tirades


after my initial popularity began to fade


I stopped talking and  learned how to communicate




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