The Chosen Spirit - Neon City Lights

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Published on 2016-08-16 08:13:05.165050
Album Taster Sessions Vol. 4
Genre Singer/Songwriter
Released 2016
A wistful number that shows some love to some classics, combining mellow guitar and slide with some poignant lyrics, Neon City Lights represents the band at one of their creative high points.
You know I be been waiting, For you to put your head round my door, Dressed in black from top to toe, baby, You can leave that dress down on my floor. Now I'm paddling in your river, And the water's reflecting in that sun, Misty mountain,stormy weather, This life has only just begun. Away from those pavement cracks And those Neon City Lights, But I know it ll pull you back When you salsa , salsa through the night. It's like the ying to your yang baby, When you get that balance right You can do just about anything In the dark and in the light.
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