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Nerve Centre

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Overdrive
released 2018-08-22 03:57:00
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2018-08-22 12:13:52.128540

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Nerve Center




You’ve reached the nerve center


Don’t miss the large get together


With all your buyers and renters


There’s always room for a lonely venter




Have no problem with conformity


Where there’s chaos you can


Blame the authorities, take no


Issue with invisibility, I only


Question the enormity ,of selling


The souls you refuse to see




Cut across the nerve center


How do you define prosperity


Giving 110% and still coming


Up empty it’s bound to


Test your dexterity




In order remain vigorous


And survive when the going


Is rigorous, I have to play


Doctor and moonlight as


A ditch digger, why not


The hole I’m told to


Jump into is getting bigger


And bigger




I’m not about to guarantee good faith or


Solidarity, one time or another


We have been connected


By our disparity, the poorest


Of the poor donate to charity


While the richest of the rich


Say you’re this way because


Your goal lack clarity






It’s not like I wanted to become an astronaut


I have enough trouble with the war on


The ground, I wanted to be a better man


Than my father and his father


When the chips are down




You’ve hit the nerve center


You’re liable to shoulder


All the risk once you enter


Many good seats available


For unrepentant   dissenters


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