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Nobody Takes Me Seriously by John Tzikas(Aka Tone Deaf Poet)

Published May 31, 2019
Genre: Freestyle
Album: Point Well Taken
released: 2019-06-01 02:15:00
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New in Emaj 100 BPM 6/4 time



Nobody Takes Me Seriously




nobody takes me seriously


When I scribble away


the futility




Nobody takes me seriously


I'm on fire, drop and roll


Hear me scream quietly


Run away from poverty


To a land of distant dreams




captive minds have no


concept of time


The daily grind will kill you


long before you commit


career suicide




value systems clash


I sleep past  noon


While  the brown-nosers


Die too soon




nobody takes me seriously


when I shrug off


the hostility




from the ashes of  old


beliefs  new hope is born


come what may, I’m ready


to stake my claim




The other night i told my  sister


I’m looking for a chance to move on


she sighed dear john in your heart


you’re already gone




























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