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Nothing more! (Than a heartache!)

by James Lee Lopez on album That feels good, Too!
released 2016
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2016-07-09 17:50:49.998560

Like it to put it on the charts!
Nothing more! (than a heartache)" was written by jamesleelopez and Lonny Paul, from the band Adler. It is the first single written for the EP "That Feels Good, Too!" out in January 2017. This song was written so quickly and I have not mastered or had this song produced. But I love the way the demo came out and I wanted everybody to hear it, I hope you enjoy it! let me know! Press: Just Announced: James Lee Lopez is a Top 5 finalist in the World's Best Song Competition Finals announced – Ognenovski World’s Best Song Contest in Los Angeles, September 9 & 10, 2017. James Lee Lopez is a Top 5 Finalist in Songwriter Universe Magazine's October Competition for "Nothing More, than a Heartache". (Written by: James Lee Lopez and Lonny Paul)

"Nothing More, (than a heartache!)" Chorus It's nothing more than a heartache When the love breaks and you feel the pain It's nothing that you can bi-pass But it doesn't last Time is all it takes It's nothing more than a heartache but it's not too late, to love another day It's nothing more than a heartache Verse I've been hurtin', I can't take much more of this feelin' I've been crying, ever since you've been gone I keep trying, trying to get along without you I'd be lying, If I said I'm alright alone Verse You said sorry, but I just can't seem to forgive you Remember, said you'd always be by my side Now I'm broken, cause I died a little when you said we were through No apology, can't make this pain go away Bridge ...and it's hard to move on with a heartache when you're left all alone Broken down verse I've been sufferin', when you left you took the best of me When I see you, all I see is the rest of me
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CarterlexingtonIII 2016-07-11 07:46:58.312880
Good job James- keep 'em all struggling behind you, then make them struggle some more. Always stay gracious best revenge is your Papicious- haha