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On The Edge Of Town

by Tone Deaf Poet(AKA John "Yanni" Tzikas) on album My Clear Conscience
released 2018-09-27 00:11:00

2018-09-26 16:14:24.717887



On The Edge of Town


 Lyrics and Music By John Tzikas 2018


I felt cold winds crashing in


Kept believing I too would


Win, or even amount to something




On the edge of town, I ride today


Where all the back streets run


One way,  each sharp turn


Leads you to a dead end




If there is still anything there


For the taking, sometimes


You’ll get a fair shake


If only you can catch a break




Out on the edge of town


Down is up and up is down


Every vicious circle spins


Round and round, many hearts


Got lost, never to be found








And still we wait for clearing skies ahead


Here and now, overlooking the edge of town




They say the boy is too young


They say the boy is too green


To fully understand the political machine




The brainwashing apparatus twists each


Word, cranking the knobs to eleven


Spanking us like we’re seven




They say the boy’s too uncultivated


They say the boy’s  too in between


To investigate what anything means




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