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(one ticket remix)

by DJ samrrez x destiny boy,kiss Daniel davido on album Unknown album
released 2019
590 all-time plays  • 
2019-01-05 14:36:42.182743

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Itz all about love



Loving You No Scam O
(Oh I Dun Try)
It's Major Bangz

[Verse 1: Davido]
Every time wire me money
Hello baby, have You sent it (Na wa)
You dunno, even know what you do to me
Ejefe golo shoba mula mi
Olo omoge you be scammer
I dey follow you for back o girl
Baby girl you blow my mind, I no go lie

See baby, if you want to leave, biko leave
No do shakara, no dey carry your shoulder up
As you see me so baby, na because of you I dun kolo
See I dun dey go, one ticket obodo oyibo


You left me fine boy die
Do you one ticket

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