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Own That Moment

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Overdrive
released 2018-08-25 23:39:00
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2018-08-25 15:46:26.729110

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Own That Moment




Own that moment, every adult in


The house consents, to a lifetime


They soon won’t resent




Own that moment you give


Your heart as a home-warming


Present, own that moment




Hey man take charge of the best


Laid plans. Hey man take charge


Of things you normally can’t




Feel a rant coming on


Feel a chant coming on


She pants Johnny get real


She pants Johnny get real




You’re residing in the empty forests


Of never-ending  want, keep confiding


To the dark-mistress and her dangerous


Charms, flaunt it all now, let me reiterate


This a call to immediate action not a farewell


To arms, not a farewell to arms




Just own that moment that no longer


Has you down, just own that moment


That lifts you up, when everybody


Encourages you to stick around


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