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baale - pain of eve

Published March 16, 2020
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Genre: R&B/Soul
Album: expression

pain of eve is a spoken word peotry about the plight of a rape victim ,it is a well prepraed song for you to listen to as the artist spices the ugly act in cathhing ryhems


I could SEE HER cry for help

Fighting the beast all alone by herself

Her soul, mind and body

Vowed never to rest

Her tears were heavy like each pump of her breath


I could see her struggling for life

As she was pressurized under the force of gun, belt and knife

The more the beast rolled her down

The higher her taste for motivation striveD


All her effort went in vain

As the beast opens her leg

I could feel the groan of the pain

She no longer feels blood running in her vain

Right in the front of her eyes

Her destiny was slain


Her precious icon lost away

After the lustful beast had his way

Down her cheeks was depth of tears they could not pay

On the bed of isolation she laid


She bows in shame

Her joy enslave

Her pride inflame

All still recalled like a season game


To speak out was the fear

No one was giving a listening ear

The Trauma still hitched her like a spear

Her soul screams with no noise or tears

In her memory remains the encounter of the ugly beautiful bear

She felt her days of doom was near


Been mocked on the street

Among her mate she is no longer fit

Life to her was never sweet

She was her self as a cat’s feet

And the best home for her was six feet down the pit

Where you don’t need to eat , wheat or meat


She was left alone to feel pain and grieve

Not that the grass –o! may I thrive

On my grave is growing or grown

But that while I am dead yet Alive



In my head

I could feel the pain of eve

I can feel HER tears and grieve

Look into that innocent child eyes

And you will believe and will see ………

How many death threaten she has received  

With the rays of light that shine

From the knife she was deceived


Give her listening hear

I perceive she might be relived


Just stop when she say no!

Because there are things you don’t know

Even when you are standing or below

When you want to harvest a seed you do not grow

Do not stoop yourself so low

That your future you throw

And roll, below where the breeze

Takes them in the air that blows ……… 

Oh! Are you lost in my flows?


Let save the girl in the hole!



I am baale

the voice of the voiceless

Save that woman

the mother of tomorrow



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Total comments 4
Moredollar March 19, 2020
Nice one Gee,
Benkrysolite March 19, 2020
My are going places bruh
Zeezah March 19, 2020
Awwn Dah was emotional
Kehinde March 19, 2020

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by baale released 2020

March 16, 2020

pain of eve

pain of eve is a spoken word peotry about the plight of a rape victim ,it is a well prepraed song for you to listen to as the artist spices the ugly act in cathhing ryhems

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