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ADO - Passion

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Published on 2016-08-24 00:11:55.196990
Album Passion
Genre Rock
Released 2016
ADO is a Rock band based out of York PA that was started in 2014 by singer/songwriter Junyjun. In light of the fact that rock has gotten a bad rap in the past, the band has a mission to serve as a positive influence to all their fans. For this reason, ADO does not write songs that are depressing, demeaning or condescending toward women, gays or lesbians, religions, race, color of skin, or anything that makes us different and unique beings. We believe everyone should be respected for their differences and valued as a human being. ADO's songs have a positive ring to them with a funky vibe, they are energetic, and you will find yourself wanting to dance. ADO band members: 1. Junyjun – Front man/Guitarist/Songwriter 2. Ivy – Guitarist/Vocalist 3. Yarie – Bass/Vocalist 4. Ish – Keyboard/Drums
Deep within the still of the night A voice calls out with might Feelings of despair, thicken in the air Running out of time Out of sight but not of mind There is just no way for me to hide No way to deny, I break down and cry Can someone tell me why CHORUS I am who I am; it’s out of my hands It was meant to be this way, don’t you understand Never will it die, I will hold it high I will not deny myself to live until I die For //the passion in my eye// As I stand where I am I don’t fully understand Where the road goes But I believe and know... that I can You will take me by the hand Bring me to distant lands Drive me all the way With me you will stay Till the end beginning today
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Anthony Rodriguez 2016-08-24 15:06:09.979550
Great song, love it!