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Patchwork Quilt(You Again-Alternative Version)

by John Tzikas on album Point Well Taken
released 2019-05-23 23:04:00

2019-05-23 15:12:08.659254

Alternative version



Patchwork Quilt (You Again)




It’s you again, yeah you again


Why can’t we pretend


Beyond the darkest days




Awaits love that never ends


Not a foul-weather friend


Not a foul-weather friend




Pour a hot toddy, numb my


Tired body, the bed is big and


Comfy, the patchwork quilt ain’t shoddy




Much guilt to go around


Keeps you right on edge


Stay away from the ledge




Hey you again, with


Loving on the brain


Sweet loving on the brain




I cannot refrain, taking off


The chains, I cannot complain


If and when I  see you again


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