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Pomp And Circumstance by Tone Deaf Poet on album Forbidden Country
released 2018-09-18 00:04:00

2018-09-17 16:11:06.026734




Pomp And Circumstance




Do you need time to sort the contents of


Your mind, a dim lit study where intellectuals


Reflect and lunatics hide noticeable defects




Had so much fun crashing everyone’s party


Before they changed the locks, that usually


Brilliant chip on your shoulder, really weighs a ton




After all you’ve got to live with yourself


After all you’ve got to give yourself


The credit your deserve, this


Pomp and circumstance is hard on the nerves




What good is another genius without a job


Mathematical equations and empty prose


You weave and bob, subliminal messages on


A peasant’s tombstone to help insomniacs doze


In moth-ridden clothes




Then again the details are missing


Then again the snakes in the grass


Are great at hissing, who cares


About roller coaster romance


When you can run yourself


Ragged pomp and circumstance




Do you require a moment to deflect the blame


Grim unspeakable reality is my middle name, here


The dark


 underbelly where knowledge seekers


Create their own excitement frame by frame


Ours is a lights camera action game






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