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Ian Eskelson - Pornstar Empyre

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Published on 2015-11-09 06:31:39
Album 2015
Genre Electronic
Released 2015

The heart today is broken-faced Pumping dirty blood through revolving bodies Innocence far gone in the scars & greed Guilt was not long with money-stuffed coochies Smile away, let your true worth fade Buy heavily, hide identity History is in the books with only your looks All the fucks with the pork-sworded crooks Love is for suckers, It never lasts forever Triumph is for fuckers born in the Pornstar Empyre What is love? Baby you'll hurt me But I don't need to trust you in the sheets I'm unchained, unplayed Never gonna be a victim in anyone's game Dominate, then celebrate with a lay and move on with your day Everyone betrays when love is made So make fuck with me and kill off the shame, because... [CHORUS] Lust you can afford, it can't be divorced It's not a distant dream, but recycling reality Join it, because it can't be beat If you doubt me, go ahead and ask the priests Sex sells, Instinctual, it never fails Enslaved in a spell from your genitals Pain from love is from loss Pain from sex is from gain [Chorus]
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Independent musician Ian Eskelson began his music career in 1999 as a drummer and progressed through 5 bands before transitioning to a Singer for the following years. Upon the last band, he decided to utilize his abilities in every instrument and commit to a reliable future as a solo musician...