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Promise Baby

by Tone Deaf Poet on album Razzle Dazzle
released 2018-10-14 23:12:00
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Promise Baby




Promise Baby


Love ain't suffering


Scorned hearts are buffering


Taking in the


Toxic atmosphere


Promise baby


when you approach


there’s nothing I fear




Promise baby you won't show


complete disrespect


Make boring calls we disconnect


eradicate the state of neglect


I’ll put away the new leather boots


You bought me Christmas Day


, promise baby


It’s no longer a great


Time of year


For leaving in style dear




Promise baby


I'll tell you all you need


To know, what cherished


Possessions you keep an what


You throw, promise baby


love is everything


You want to nurture




That grows and grows




Promise baby


When you met me


I was absolutely


Low rent


something materialism


Never quite


Shaped twisted


And bent


Promise baby


I  wont become


Another symbol of all


You’ve  come to resent




Promise baby


More than ever


My heart is in your


Hands, more than before


Look at me glowingly


Tender and knowingly


Promise baby


I'm nothing like a strutting


Peacock who realized the world


Is beautiful once I stuck


My head back in the sand




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