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Rainbow Path

by AnastasiA on album Book of Day
released 2016
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2016-11-12 16:21:27.601990

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As I walk along this way Every step along the path Leads me to a different place Where I learn to love at last Every step is leading on To a light of perfect dawn But to reach it I must stay Always walking more each day No false gold can enter here There's no withered wreath to win In the heart this call we hear In the heart it all begins As I walk these somber stones Though the way is hard to find With each step my eyes are cleansed With each step the joy grows higher I can't wait to see your face And the path goes on, it goes on As you lead us on, it goes on I can't wait to see your face I can't wait to see your face I can't wait to see your eyes That's where we see paradise
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