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Rattled Cage

by John Tzikas on album Lazy Saturday
released 2018-12-30 01:21:00
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2018-12-29 17:33:26.690963

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John Tzikas 2018 aka Tone Deaf Poet







Angry young man you’ll have to wait


the heartache stories are all the same,


they all spill onto a different stage as


the sophisticated crowd chews you away




Ran to  my usual hiding place


Hired hands bailed the hay


Sometimes I convinced myself


My enemies would vanish into space


If I closed my eyes throughout my childhood days




I was taught the value of a hard work from


An early age, but never became your classic


Nine to fiver, the tarot reader stoked my repressed memories


Hey you’re a survivor, broke through the rattled cage of a


An aspiring reformer




I also remember dad flipped over


December’s phone bill, yeah the old guy


Tore a strip, John why


Can’t you try to be normal


For a change


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