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Razzle Dazzle

by John Tzikas(AKA Tone Deaf Poet) on album Razzle Dazzle
released 2018-10-06 04:13:00


2018-10-05 20:21:55.796781



Razzle Dazzle




Everybody asks when will my time come


To razzle dazzle, but once you cross


That dividing line, between your


Shining moment and what’s


Yours is mine, it’s every man


Woman and child for themselves


The blind following




Blindest of the blind






Didn’t I tell you baby it’s hell out there


You better grow a harder shell


You can push back with all your


Might but the sturdy ones


Influence the referee


To stop the senseless fight




Is the razzle dazzle really


Worth the hassle


I know fashionable


People who are either


Kings or vassals, they


Just keep telling me


I’m a stone thrower


Renting a glass castle




Is the book of life something


You were meant to write


I have many passion’s


To ignite, Will you do it


In one big flourish


Or in a heavy skirmish


Are you sure you


Have what it takes when


Needy hearts beg for


You to nourish




Many years later you stand on the balcony


While spitballs barely miss oblivious


Roller skaters, for everyone who has


It way too easy there are 10 angry


Demonstrators, the razzle dazzle


Always leaves you in frazzle




Still the  social butterflies


Manage to get trapped in safety nets


Of world wide haters, 7 billions souls


Are over-complicators, the only


Thing lacking is smooth communicators




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