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Realm of authority by The spectacular Walter AWOL on album Devestating ave
released 2017

2019-08-31 01:11:49.527711


In the realm of authority I don't fret or get upset, I just bet, and take what I own,b but don't sweat,props are forsaken when I'm waxing,manipulating a mission for the taxing, but I'm logical but ifyif  go, down to the gutter, I won't show MCs who is the realest but can you feel it up like a nut and fulfilling dreams like a pro and i know that once I prevail I won't show, the antidote,wh when I float,l lik a butterfly and stings like a bee, can't you see I'm definitely Mr biggs, if you want me to bounce ilI' pop the lid, off the container imI the remainder of the dividend cause I'm a stranger .       My athourity loud when it speaks don't take shit for granted I'm like a leach,sticki st to you so just screw you and your crew and suzy q .       I like hacks,if you want me to wack technology on a nigga for the cash, throwing my name and visegrip in the game I like rein up in your shame, the antibiotics will cause drama I like roasting, but if you want to get your mama, I'll pause like a comma,in the category like eating parronas, take a hike to a zoo here's a que to get lost to a new highly improved like a stew cause I'm fixed like bolts and nuts up in your mix.      Chorus .     Money is the issue, like tissue, when I flex lm really out to fix you, I can buss capson ajoker when I roasting ya I'm like a toker of many diobolical plots but you i will box, technically ilI' turn into the keeper,my athourity, will like reap ya, punching in the secret code of percioson,t t be caculacalc to a decision my rosary will never be deleted or mistreated retrieve nutrition, I get to hanging,than banging crews on these sites so keep slanging,d do your thing and grind to a crime don't mind and in time to keep you in position I lll take you bitch out of athourity and I be the mr spectacular like Dracula ifyif  lust for putting your backinher

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Devestating ave

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