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Ride with me by Southdogrock


Published Sept. 4, 2019
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Genre: Country
Album: Ride with me
released: 2019
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"ride with me" is the first release of SOUTHDOGROCK and a little homage to the beautiful wide and open continent down under,where I lived a couple of years in the 90th of the last century and where I felt in love with the amazing landscape and the friendly , open people , artists and great music.

Thanks to all the inspiring people down under who made " ride with me " possible.




Vers 1:


D                           C                             G


When we first met you took us by surprise


D                           C                             G


Unexpected to see this new world rise


D                           C                             G


Letting loose from all that lays behind


Fmaj7                            G                        D


It's time to relax and free your mind


D                           C                             G


Vers 2:


Endless summer far away from home


 D                           C                    G


We flew to high to come down.


D                           C                      G


Hand in Hand on 99 miles of beach


 Fmaj7                            G                        D


The open sky seems into reach




Ref :


A           C                  D


Come on and ride with me


A            C                          D


To the end of the road till we reach the sea


A            C                  D


Come on and join my ride


B                  C                           D/G/D


Let's drive together to the other side.




Vers 3:


D                           C                             G


A new day will come and shine on us


D                           C                             G


This night[FS1]  we spend under southern stars


D                           C                             G


The sky pure blue the air so warm and clean


Fmaj7                            G                        D


Red soil like we have never seen




Vers 4:


D                           C                             G


Warm wind blows through your hair


D                           C                             G


In my memories you always will be there


D                           C                             G


We are cruising the roads free and wide


Fmaj7                            G                        D


We feel so young , too young to be tired .








(Wild, wild , )wide open Land




Time , like sand running through my hand




This place I could have called home




But tomorrow I pack and will be gone




 [FS1]This night


Total comments 2
daniel.hertza Sept. 20, 2019
A song that really makes you wanna ride the immensity of this planet.\m/
daniel.hertza Sept. 5, 2019
Very good vibes!
Countryrock , hot, sweet and spicy

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Ride with me Upload Your Music Free

Ride with me

by Southdogrock released 2019
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