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Room Of Jealousy

by John Tzikas on album Lazy Saturday
released 2019-01-11 00:25:00

2019-01-10 16:31:40.878203



Room Of Jealousy




she was on him constantly


about his inability to communicate


effectively ,his late night forays


Left her sleeping alone


While he lived out every man's


fantasy in a room of jealousy




what woman can compete


with the goodies in his toybox


she tried looking sour


even showed a sweeter side


had a sense of urgency about her


Asked if he was done




In that room of jealousy


He locked away


The nature of his dedications


she inspires works of poetry


romantic heartfelt explorations




she called herself the other


woman  seeking access


To his heart




call him a lunatic but


for a moment it sounded


sexy having a steamy affair


with his guitar


A torrid romp with the piano


In this horrid room of jealousy


all men are rock stars




and a few months passed


before she had his undivided attention


mix in some playful flirtation and


he soon realized


quality time wasn’t what it


used to be they made a new years


resolution to strengthen their family ties




they still joked in bed like all happy


couples do, their banter melted


The ice some until she sighed


you mess my kitchen up when you cook


Devilishly he laughed


I just remembered how


my instruments need tuning especially


the one below the belt




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