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Moscato - Sandman

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Published on 2016-08-22 06:55:02.674090
Genre Rock
Released 2015
Sandman wanders alone at night Spreading his Fairy Dust to Help Children awaken refreshed to Chase and Follow their Dreams
Can you feel the love shining down from above? Can you feel it now? just embrace it's Power With a touch of your hand smooth break in The wind can you feel it now? in the longest hour Chorus When you wake up to the magic fairy dust is not so tragic made of gold to enlighten Paved out roads ... Made to travel Sandman comes with the nightman shining glow from his lantern which way to go treading lightly as the winters snow falls upon his toes Silent tears never mentioned time stood still clock still ticking momentary breath Crack of lightening Stand alone any sandman knows Slow it down Sandman carry's in just to hands the weight of the world as he walks alone.
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