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Kay6yx - Saro cover

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Published on 2018-10-08 02:15:40.666721
Album Ttso
Genre R&B/Soul
Released 2018

Sweet heartbreak love vibeshi


the things we,got me in the mood,everytime  I'm sitting next to you.i cannot shout for the way that I'm feeling,something so strong girl na for you...oo, you promise me say,you will never go away but right now I don't even know know your way, you follow oyinbo go away...just because say I no get money you no dey call me honey oo..chorus Saro mi soro Toni wan je dodo ,Toni lobe kotan,she just dey acting funny oo.i vsr2 I tell you say, you are the one for me it's so clear for you to see eh,I promise say if you go dey stand by me I will take you to my mama and papa yeah yeah we,I buy you everything you need,babe tell me what you want,but when  I closed my eyes and open it I can't believe wetin I see I no come see you again.repeat chorus..bridge:she just a acting fifun oo, you no dey call me honey oo,just because I no get money......,tell me2x o Saro o Saro repeat chorus again till fade.......

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