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by Royce on album Sauce
released 2018
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2018-09-14 00:01:12.424606

Like it to put it on the charts!

A very juicy and saucy song by kwasu finest artist,  just download and listen to good music people. 


my girl 

I wan make u dance for me 

put it on low a low girl 

with the way u dey dance

u dey link up

girl u turning my mind on 

chorus :my girl with d sauce

girl with d sauce ooo/3x

verse1:fine girl put it on me

with d way u dey dance 

u dey turn me on 

I bi the one wey dey

make them dance 

like skibobo


and I dare that guy to touch my kele

put it on me I go show u d way 


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