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Selling Out by Teey2flow ft Kgem


Published Oct. 28, 2019
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Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Album: single
released: 2019
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Selling Out by Teey2flow ft Kgem is a song that speaks the mind of everyone who's been struggling in one field or the other to earn a living or breakthrough. It's a blend of rap and reggae. The lyrics is inspirational, deep and at the same time comical. With a top notch production by Dandex, this song is definitely going to go places.


Selling Out – Teey2flow ft Kgem


Turn up to me now

Incoming music from da wicked destiny

Teey2flow boy Kgem

Am now ready to pay da bills

Cos am ready to fly away

Been through a lot

Am still standing strong


Mummy so pe mi o serious

Mo lawon to wa ni coma ni case won serious

Producer torin yi o ba blow mi

Maa pada wa si studio wa gbowo mi

Eyan ti Zlatan, o ya gbese

Iwo Araparegangan, emi Arese

Latijo yi, won o mo Teey2flow

Mo n rap Lati day1, mi o ti blow

And I wan rule my world, bi Glo

Bi river Nile, mo si ma flow

Shout out to Tee-o, egbon NLA

Shout out to Bawasi, oga NLA

Shout out to Bangali, eja NLA

Emi ni Teey2flow, eruku nla

Omo lemi bad guy, falz lo n je be

Messiah, Jesu lo n je be

OK rap Jesus, emi mo n je be

Eyin si n doubt mi, e ma pe nbe

Oya able God, ba n mu blessing

Iwo o mo Teey2flow, o mo person

Mo ti n ja goal tipe, bi Messi

Mo de si n carry go, bi PEPSI

Ba mi Jo mi o kiss - woju o

Emi ko ni Daniel - gboju o

Mi o ni 30 billion mi o worry

Mi o ti ko mansion mi o worry

I no take u shopping mi o sorry

At dis my at dis my age, mi o sorry

I no fit come kill my self

Even me wey I dey hustle no dey enjoy myself

E just be like say na only me dey feel myself

So let me form agama, make I praise myself (yeah)

Jonpe jonpe o bi t'Arolu

Lati Ajegunle titi wo Shomolu

Bere lowo st Ralph oko Tolu

Mo gbayi de Maracana ni Tolu

Shola Lori gangan oya zanku

Ara wa ni Shokefun - Danku

Ti o ba samala, e le fun mi ni banku

Industry tuff but emi gan n kaku

U wan go pluck d sun - shotikuri?

Like father like son - Muri

Awon eni aijiko, eni aijiri

Won fe b'Olorun ja, ara mee ri ri

Gbogbo rappers need fund - bail out

Gbogbo wa la n taja Nita, a ti sell out

Everybody feni record p'orin won sold out

Like f… da lyrics, Zlatan sold out

See, me run things, things no run me

Say me hot water kian fit cool me

Like Blackface me a badder than dem

Like dbanj me a hotter than dem

Gun shot, me a faya dem

Even dem turn faya, me gwan water dem

I don try my best, make una pay me o

Aje olokun so n gbo, ma lo play me o


Oluwa lo ni glory nah – oluwa loni glory nah

Oluwa lo mo time nah – oluwa lo mo time nah

Oh Lord of mercy

Shower ur mercy on me now – oh lord
























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ayindesalam Nov. 5, 2019
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 greatness this is from Nigeria

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